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Wallace Media Group


Wallace Media Group

Wallace Media Group

Wallace Media Group (WMG) is a media and entertainment consulting firm dedicated to providing professional services to startups, small businesses, corporations, institutions, federal government agencies and nonprofits.


WMG specializes in advancing corporate and mass media industry compliance standards by providing expertise and services in advertisement and public relationscorporate operations management, media production, training and certification programs. 


Wallace Media Group is an equal opportunity employer and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in corporate, IT, digital media, entertainment, film, television, live events, live sports sectors and more.


Advertising/Public Relations

WMG develops a blueprint for our clients to meet their specific goals, objectives and creative vision.

Corporate Operations Management

WMG streamline operations to eliminate inefficiencies and enhance profitability.

Photography/Video Production

Searching for professional HD camera crews to hire for your next project?

Training and Certifications

Tailored to access the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for specific career roles in media.

 All services include a complimentary 30-minute consultation

Wallace Media Group


 Wallace Media Group specializes in providing educational programs to private and public schools, colleges, and universities, primarily focusing on providing a pipeline to bridge the employment gap for the corporate, media, IT, and engineering industries. Wallace Media Group offers financial literacy, scholarships, career advancement and professional development, workshops, seminars, conferences for industry exposure and networking opportunities annually.

Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Instructor - Lead Programs

Our instructor lead program allows learners to have access to their instructors for immediate feedback. Wallace Media Group instructors are able to answer questions to ensure students are retaining information. We provide in-person access to industry leaders and mentors in media.

Simple Online Enrollment

Wallace Media Group has one system to identify, engage and enroll participants. Our program streamline the admission process for all participants. We automate payment, enhances efficiency and ensure the accuracy of information shared. Individuals, career professionals, startups, small businesses, corporations, private and public schools, colleges and universities, institutions and nonprofits can save time and resources by simply registering online to receive access to our training and certification programs.


WMG connects our students and clients directly with a top-rated employers, help students find potential paid internships, support former military members in finding civilian work and offer educational services that helps all participants develop professional skills.


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"Hiring a consultant to solve immediate needs or issues before they occur is more cost efficient than hiring a full time employee to do the same work. It's about anticipating challenges, leveraging opportunities, guiding clients towards success and adding more value for your buck at a reduced cost by using effective ROI methods"

- Wallace Media Group

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