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Mon:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Tue:   9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Wed:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
Thu:  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST
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  • What are your business hours?
    Our office hours are Monday - Friday (weekdays) 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST. We will be closed on all federal holidays.
  • How much does each consulting session costs?
    All services include a complimentary 30-minute consultation for first time clients only. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your point of contact at Wallace Media Group prior to paying an invoice for any services rendered.
  • What type of services does Wallace Media Group provide?
    For more information on our products/services, please click the link below:
  • How much does each online program course cost?
    Career Advancement and Professional Development: $1,500 Startups and Financial Management: $3,000 Film and Television Industry Workforce Education Study Program: $5,000 Bundle deals for our B2B or B2G clients are negotiated during initial consultation. Prices will vary depending on the product, location, duration or number of participants. For immediate assistance, contact us at (470) 973-2220.
  • How do I register participants as a vendor for the media training and certification services?
    To get started, an initial assessment session is mandatory for each institution. Vendors can register participants by booking an initial consultation. Bundle deals for our B2B or B2G clients are negotiated during initial consultation. Prices will vary depending on the product, location, duration or number of participants. For immediate assistance, contact us at (470) 973-2220. For more information or to schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation, please click the link below:
  • What is the refund policy?
    To cancel or reschedule, please contact us within 24 hours of your upcoming appointment. In the event that our firm needs to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, clients will receive a full refund. Wallace Media Group (WMG) strives to ensure that each client is completely satisfied with our services. For any reason a client is not entirely satisfied with our services, WMG will initiate a refund to the paying client's credit card (or original method of payment). The customer will receive the full amount within the timeframe established by your card issuer's policies. For booking inquiries or further assistance, please contact
  • How long does a typical consulting project take?
    Project durations vary significantly based on complexity, scope, and client needs. Some projects might be short-term and focused, while others could be long-term, involving ongoing support and collaboration. By understanding the specific needs and preferences of our clients we tailor your pricing and timeline accordingly.
  • What type of corporate management operations services you offer?
    CORPORATE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: Streamline Operations Mock Audit and Inspections Corporate Workplace Training Startups and Financial Management
  • What type of creative media strategy services do you offer?
    CREATIVE STRATEGY SERVICES: Event Planning Graphic and Website Design Media Kits Media Press Tour Professional Photography Professional Editing Reputation Management
  • What type of federal government contracts services you offer?
    Explore our comprehensive step-by-step guide designed to facilitate the acquisition of government contracts, providing small businesses with substantial financial opportunities. This service encompasses every stage of the acquisition process, starting from initial planning to contract closeout. WMG supports each client with SAM registration, capability statement, in the proposal request process, bid evaluation, and contract awarding. Any qualified business is eligible for consideration, making government contracts accessible to a wide range of businesses.
  • What type of professional videography services you offer?
    CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION: corporate training, digital animation, conventions, drone videography, HD Film crews, trade shows, green screen shots, brand videos, pharmaceutical and medical content, marketing videos and podcast videos. TV COMMERCIALS: 30 second commercials, 60 second commercials, 2 minute commercials, website commercials, promotional and informational commercials, animated commercials and social media videos. VIDEO TESTIMONIALS AND INTERVIEWS: program success stories, customer testimonials, time lapse videos, ribbon cutting ceremonies, special events, CEO profiles, employee training, political videos, talking head shots interviews and b-roll, historical documentaries, music videos, educational videos
  • What type of recruiting and staffing services you offer?
    Wallace Media Group (WMG) supports its clients in fulfilling their staffing requirements, including employee development, employee retention, onboarding, and talent acquisition for all industries. WMG provides an exclusive service for clients seeking enhanced insight and knowledge in the talent acquisition process. With a client retention rate exceeding 95%, WMG prioritizes quality over quantity. Recruit the best people and create a fantastic hiring experience. DISCLAIMER: For candidates seeking employment, WMG’s job placement service is free to be seamlessly matched with the most suitable employer. Email your resume and cover letter to to begin the job placement process. Once WMG receives your information, you will receive a confirmation email with follow-up instructions. ​
  • What type of training and certification programs or services you offer?
    To get started, an initial consultation session is mandatory for each organization. Bundle deals for our active B2B or B2G clients are negotiated during initial assessment. Vendors can register participants or receive consulting services by booking the training and certification service. Prices will vary depending on the product, location, duration or number of participants. For immediate assistance, contact us at (470) 973-2220. WMG's training and certification programs are designed to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for specific job roles in corporate, media, IT and engineering. The Film and Television Industry Workforce Education Study Program is endorsed by Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). Successfully passing a certification exam signifies an individual's professional competence in that particular career field. COURSES: Career Advancement and Professional Development Film and Television Industry Workforce Education Study Program Startup's and Financial Management DISCLAIMER: Authorized certifications are available for individuals, career professionals, small businesses, corporations, institutions, nonprofits & more.
  • How do you measure the success of your consulting projects?
    Our success metrics for consulting projects depend on the nature of the engagement but often include factors such as increased efficiency, improved automation performance, cost savings, revenue growth, client satisfaction, and achievement of predefined goals.
  • Can you provide references or case studies of previous consulting projects?
    Yes, we have a portfolio of successful projects and client testimonials that demonstrate our expertise and the value we've delivered to our clients. We'd be happy to share relevant case studies or references upon request.
  • How does Wallace Media Group ensures confidentiality and data security during consulting engagements?
    We prioritize confidentiality and data security. We have strict internal policies and procedures in place to safeguard client information and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations.
  • How will I be graded?
    The criteria for grading will be established by the faculty and outlined on the class syllabus. Online learning is very similar to an on-campus class experience; however in this case the classroom is virtual as an online participant.
  • How do I get my grade?
    Approximately 10 days after the end of your class term, you may log into your account view your grades. In most cases, the instructor should be able to provide you your final grades.
  • Is financial aid available?
    Some Wallace Media Group students may be eligible for financial aid. Please contact your home institution for information.
  • What kind of credit do I get?
    At the successful completion of the class, you will receive a certificate of completion authorized by Georgia Post-Secondary Education Commission.
  • Is there a class outline (syllabus)?
    Once you receive your student ID, the instructor teaching the course will contact you with instructions for accessing the course materials, syllabus, and other class information. In many cases you can find the syllabus once you login your student account. If not, please contact the department offering the course.
  • Will classes meet at a specific time?
    Each course is instructor lead. You will be required to meet at set times with the assigned instructor for that particular course. On rare occasions, courses may be taught synchronously, which requires you to attend combined lectures at a set time. Every class on the roster is listed with an "instruction mode," which indicates how it will be taught and whether or not you must attend set meetings.
  • What are acceptable payment methods?
    Acceptable payment methods: Credit/Debit Cards: We accept payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Our secure payment gateway ensures that your transaction is processed safely. PayPal: You can also choose to pay via PayPal, a trusted and convenient payment method that allows you to use your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit/debit card. Bank Transfer: If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please contact us, and we will provide you with our bank account details. Once the transfer is completed, your enrollment will be confirmed. Digital Wallets: Our online program supports digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay, enabling you to make quick and secure payments using your preferred digital payment method. Installment Payments: We offer flexible installment payment plans to make our program more accessible to everyone. Contact us to discuss installment options and find a plan that suits your budget.
  • How do I get access to the class materials?
    Once you receive your student ID number, the faculty member teaching the course will contact you with instructions for accessing the course materials, syllabus, and other class information.
  • What do I do if I need technical assistance?
    If you are having technical problems, please fill out the general inquires form on the contact us page or call us and press option 5. In most cases they will be able to resolve your questions. The IT Service Desk will also be able to direct you to the right resource if you need additional support by emailing
  • How old do I have to be to take an online class?
    You must be at 16 or older.
  • How long does it take to complete the certification?
    Career and Professional Development - 3 connective business days. Film and Television Industry Workforce Education Study Program - 12 consecutive weeks. All participants must pass the final exam, adhere to the attendance guidelines to pass the course. If the participant does not pass the course must be approved by Wallace Media Group to get accepted for the paid internship with top-employer related to the course. Start-ups and Financial Management - 3 consecutive business days.
  • What methods will be used to teach my online course?
    Canvas. Methods vary by course and instructor but may include pre-recorded or synchronous lectures, videos, podcasts, PowerPoint slides, interactive chat rooms, blog posts, and more. Please refer to the syllabus for your course for details about how your class will be taught.
  • What do I do if I have questions about an assignment?
    Online learning takes place in a virtual classroom, but the skills used to succeed in it are very similar to those needed for an on-campus class. Questions about assignments or any part of the class should be directed to the faculty or teaching assistant by email or phone, or through the instructional software.
  • Do I have to be a college student to take the courses?
    No. If you are not pursuing a degree, you may take the courses not-for-academic credit through our Continuing Education program at a partner college or university. Participants must be at least 16 years of age or older to attend all programs. All students participating in the film and television industry workforce study must be currently a senior and enrolled at their home university. All other participants and programs must be registered online. If you are a vendor you can register up to 25 students or staff in one booking online.
  • What if I change my mind and want to drop my class?
    You may drop a class by completing an electronic Add/Drop/Change Request Form.
  • I have registered for an online course. What happens next?
    If this is the first time you enrolled in a class at Wallace Media Group, you will be assigned a student ID. You will need a student ID to participate in your class, gain easier access to your courses, certification and, obtain your grades, upload documents, network, complete online evaluations, and more. All students enrolling in an online course are encouraged to contact the instructor before the course begins. Instructors typically have information to share with students prior to the start of class and may want to confirm that all students have an adequate connection to the online learning site. For more information, please contact us at 470-973-2220.
  • What are the technical requirements for an online course?
    All online courses require an internet connection. All online courses are offered through our learning management systems, a web-based learning system. Generally, you'll interact with the instructor and other students via email, discussion boards, interactive chat rooms, video conferences, and/or phone. Poor Wi-Fi will not be a valid excuse to miss class.
  • How do I apply to be a Wallace Media Group adjunct instructor?
    You may register for Teacher Trainings by clicking on the link below.
  • How does students enroll in Wallace Media Group's online programs?
    1. Go to menu tab, click on online programs. 2. Select a program(s) of your company's or personal choice. 3. Read the program description 4. Log in or create an account. 5. Register 6. Submit registration form. 7. Once reviewed, a determination letter will be sent via email. If you are currently a student at a partner college or university, you may register for the courses directly through your registration system, as you would for any other class. If you are not a college student, you may register through our continuing education online programs. Each institution must have at the minimum of 12 students enrolled in the program each semester.
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