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Wallace Media Group

Wallace Media Group (WMG) is based in Atlanta, Georgia, yet operates nationwide, specializing in media tours, "on-camera" media interview training, broadcast advertising, event planning and marketing, media kits, press releases, crisis management and creating innovative media programs for educational institutions and career professionals. WMG takes pride in assisting our client's with creative media strategies, advertisement and media campaigns, providing HD camera crews for high quality video production. WMG enhances brand visibility and helps our clients reach a wider and targeted audiences. 


We offer our services to empower corporate spokespeople, career professionals, entrepreneurs, actors, authors, politicians, music artists, athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, agents, influencers, industry experts, high schools, colleges, universities, institutions, non profit organizations and government agencies. WMG is dedicated to collaborating with youth and adults, providing comprehensive support for professional growth for a greater future workforce.  

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Our Mission Is to Empower


Professional Online Modules


Industry Leading Mentors


percentage rate of our graduation rates.


Satisfaction Rated by Students

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


As a top competitor in various sectors our reputation is vital to our success. 


When done right, accountability increases our team members' skills and confidence while simultaneously building trust with our clients.


As industry experts, we stimulate innovation and the cultural changes needed to evolve any organization and meet changing business needs.


We are committed to leading the workforce of the future for professionals in corporate, media, IT and engineering.


We are simply passionate about our clients satisfaction and positive feedback.

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